Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NYX Round Lipsticks Wearable Pinks in Thalia, B52, Paris and Tea Rose Swatches


In this post I'll just be swatching Thalia, B52, Paris and Tea Rose to show you what it looks like against my skintone!

This bunch of NYX Lipsticks I think are very wearable and a few among my favourites!

Click here for an overall review of NYX Lipsticks.

L>R Thalia, B52, Paris and Tea Rose

Swatches are as according in the photo above.

With flash:

Without flash:
L>R Thalia, B52, Paris and Tea Rose

These lip swatches will go as according to the arm swatches.

Lipstick name and notes on the shade are listed.

Top: With flash
Bottom: Without flash

Thalia: A very natural pink shade, one of my favourites!

B52: A mauve/pink shade

Paris: A soft nude pink

Tea Rose: Another one of my favourites, natural with a bit of pink 

Wearing B52

Wearing Tea Rose

I hope these swatches are helpful to you! 
Please check my review here to see if these lippies are for you!

Thanks for viewing :)

xo, arsyparsy


  1. tea rose is my FAVOURITE nyx lippie!! :)

  2. Charlene- Ahhh mine too!
    It's a gorgeous shade isn't it!

  3. Alice, why are you so gorgeous? :) And I'm so jealous of your lipstick collection! These pinks are so subtle, loves it!

  4. Jen- Hehe aww Jen! That's too sweet of you to say!
    Aw lucky you have easy access to NYX products!!!!


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