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NYX Round Lipsticks Review in B52, Circe, Jupiter, Snow White, Fig, Doll, Thalia, Paris, Power, Spell Bound, Tea Rose and Louisiana


I purchased these NYX Lippies quite a while ago and I thought since I have a new camera that takes good quality pics, why not do swatches of them! 

I will post lip swatches posts (in bulks of 3-4) over the past few weeks because if I cram them all in one post, scrolling down the page of the post will never end!

I think I purchased each lippy for $4-5 each from Cherry Culture! I chose these shades after extensive searching for swatches, so these were the chosen ones of the many NYX Round Lipsticks :')

I love NYX's packaging! So simple and the precise colour at the bottom is handy!

I got the NYX Round Lipsticks in B52, Circe, Jupiter, Doll, Fig, Snow White, Thalia, Paris, Power, Spell Bound, Tea Rose and Louisiana

 Lipsticks swatched according to photo above!

With Flash:
L>R First Row: B52, Circe, Jupiter, Doll, Fig, Snow White
Bottom Row: Thalia, Paris, Power, Spell Bound, Tea Rose and Louisiana

Without Flash:

L>R First Row: B52, Circe, Jupiter, Doll, Fig, Snow White
Bottom Row: Thalia, Paris, Power, Spell Bound, Tea Rose and Louisiana

Which ones are my favourite?
Circe, Fig, Snow White, Tea Rose and Spell Bound

I dropped Snow White one day and the colour bit fell off!...
Then I figured out how they had such an exact colour and the bottom of the lippie....
Quite clever actually!!!

You can use this part for a lip brush :)
Only some are easy to get off though, I was only able to pull off 7 of mine.

With Snow White on! Look at that strand of hair all up in maa grill

- Available in 144 shades
- Affordable
- Pigmented 
- Creamy buttery texture

-Wears off after 2-3 hours
- Not available in many places in Australia for the cheap price

Other notes...
Every time I use an NYX Lipstick my lips get all chapped :( It's really annoying! I heard their Black Label Lipsticks are moisturising though!

I find that it's a bit too creamy.... way too creamy... 
So I always blot it with a piece of tissue after every application!

The scent might bother some people but I'm okay with it. 
I have no other way to describe the scent but to say that it smells like grandmas.

If you're ordering from CherryCulture you should Google swatches of people wearing the lippies because the shades on the site are VERY misleading. A great example is my sister who bought a bunch according to the shades on the site and never wears them haha.

Product: 4/5
Packaging: 4/5
Quality: 4/5
CherryCulture @1.99
Available at: 
Online at CherryCulture
Some small retail stores in my area but they jack up the price really high!

Ow. My heart just hurt. Did I just see that the Lippies are $1.99 each now?
I bought mine for $3.99.....!

Would I recommend this product?
Yes! As long as the scent of grandmas doesn't bother you.. And with their wide range of 144 Lipsticks, you're bound to find a shade that suits you.

Would I repurchase?
Well I am kind of eyeing Eros and Penelope but I think I'd want to try their new lippies being moisturising and all! So I guess it depends.. But not any time soon since I've recently made a purchase from them :p
Shipping hurts my pocket too... I guess as long as there's a sale! 

"I want more swatches!!!!"
Click the following links for lip swatches of the following lipsticks...:
Snow White, Doll, Spell Bound and Louisiana
Thalia, B52, Paris and Tea Rose
Power, Fig and Jupiter

I've also done swatches and a review on NYX's Blushes in Espresso, Silky Rose, Desert Rose and Peach!
Read the post here!


  1. Ouch international shipping starting at $8.95? Makes me wish I lived in America :( the land of cheap cosmetics, celebrities and good food

  2. Yeah I know :(!!!
    Ahhhhh me too! It's so amazing how SUPER affordable everything is over there!
    I cringe when they say something's expensive hahaha

  3. I only have two of these round lipsticks, pumpkin pie and indian pink i think? I think they are a bit too "wet" on my lips. I adore the colors but not a huge fan of the texture. However they are totally worth the bucks!! I cannot wait to see your swatches on you. Maybe I can pick up some later again too :)

  4. Winnie- Ooh yeah, they are!
    I always have to wipe the excess off with tissue because it's wayy too creamy! They have so many shades which definitely is worth the money if you're just trying out which shade works best for you!
    Yay! I hope from seeing my posts you'll find one that you'd like!

  5. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  6. Lonely- Hehe aw thank you for dropping by!
    I had a great day thank you,
    I have you have a lovely evening :)

  7. so jealous, you have a nice collection.. i want to try nyx lipstick but never get around to checking them online =0=!!

    CMPang x

  8. Great collection you got there, thanks for sharing.

  9. Mai- Aw they're worth a purchase!!! Since you can just test which ones work for you!

    Tututiny- Thank you! I hope it helped :)

  10. Ah! Jealous of your lipstick collection! :) You look so gorgeous with red lips, Alice! <3

  11. Jen- Awww well lucky you, live in America!
    I bet they're soo much cheaper over there :(!
    Thank you so much ♥!


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