Sunday, January 15, 2012

Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish in Choose Me! - Swatch + Review

Exactly a month ago I was wandering with my friend around Westfields at Burwood for the first time. 
We spent quite a while in Target going through the products in the beauty aisles.
While looking for bargains, I saw a new brand! 'Essence'. I got all giddy going through their nail polishes @ $2.55 each, narrowing down which ones I was going to buy. Their entire range of nail polishes had been completely untouched when I first saw it... I didn't think it'd sell out so fast! 
I ended up with 'Choose Me' and 'Make it golden' because I love love love glittery/shimmery nailpolishes! I don't have much of them though. I had previously used Make it golden in my nail art post here.

Well anyway, I finally had a chance to try out Choose Me! And I love it!
Except that I think it's a bit overwhelming on it's own so after adding or applying it differently, I thought it looked much better!

The shade is actually more of a greenish-blue with a slight golden sparkle! No matter how I tried to take the picture, I just couldn't capture the green! It just looks blue. I google imaged it and I dont think anyone else was able to either.... 

 The bottle is pretty small being 0.16 fl.oz which is approximately 5ml
A normal size bottle is usually 14ml so this is pretty small.

 The cap for each of the nail polishes from Essence's range has the shade of the nailpolish on it along with the name on a sticker.

 Flat brush

Choose Me! applied with 2 layers:
*unbelievably super sparkly if you see it in real life!

Trying to go for the backdrop of where Ariel would live (in the deep deep deep ocean):

 Gradient layers (my favourite!):

And last of all, Choose Me! without painting in the half moons:
So many types of ways to use the nail polish! I love it!

Many shades and types to choose from
Moderately quick drying


Product: 4/5
Packaging: 3/5
Quality: 4/5
Target (as far as I know) @ $2.55

Would I recommend this product?
Yes! They have so so so many shades that I think everyone would like!

Would I repurchase?
Cheap nail polishes in Australia.... I don't come by that very often! Yes!

I hope this review helped ☺

Disclaimer: The product/s mentioned in this review was purchased by the author.


  1. Ooh sounds like a potential Ulta3 competitor? Thanks for sharing, will definitely be on the look out for these!

  2. Cheap nail polish is so hard to come by in Australia! I love the colour, you can slightly see the green at the very tip? Gradient looks soooo pretty :D

  3. I love cheap (but good) polishes! So sparkly, I like! :)

  4. You should probably make a tutorial for the gradient nails! I would love to try them, soooo pretty! :)

  5. The shade looks really different from the pictures in real life! 
    You should check their range out if they're available in your area!!

  6. Me too! I hope more come to Sydney :D

  7. Definitely, I think I'll do a picture tutorial in my upcoming post! Run to Target before they're all sold out!!!

  8. What a fantastic color! I'll definitely have to try leaving out the half moons next time I do my nails. 

  9. I think that leaving the half moons out look so much better with a lot of nail polishes! And it's super easy to apply too!

  10. Hi I saw your blog on essence au love the swatches and in love with essence. If your interested have a look at my blog at
    Thanks Katey.


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