Thursday, February 2, 2012

Review & Swatches: Affordable Reds - Ulta3, BYS & NYX

For a while I've been looking for the perfect affordable red...
I never like to spend much, I always carelessly spend on items under $5... (But it sure adds up! A BIG example are my eBay purchases...)

These are three lipsticks I've bought each for less than $5!
L>R Ulta3 in Wet Red, BYS in Crimson Joy and NYX in Snow White

I'm not too fond of the packaging of Ulta3 and BYS because everytime I close the lid, the lid chips a bit of the top of the lippie off.

Arm swatches:
Top to Bottom: NYX in Snow White, Ulta3 in Wet Red and BYS in Crimson Joy

Lip swatches:
Top with flash and bottom without flash

Ulta3 in Wet Red

Very very wet, it glides on so smoothly and does not dry out my lips at all because of that.
It's more of a brighter red out of the three but I don't really like this one because of it's consistency.
It lasts for a few hours but throughout the 2~3 hours, It bleeds and I still feel the moisture on my lips.. Which I don't like at all.

I purchased mine from a pharamacy at Cabramatta which stocks Ulta3 products.

BYS in Crimson Joy

I think that this is the right balance between a bright red and a dark one.
The lasting power is around 2~3 hours. It is very creamy and does not dry out my lips.
I've worn this lipstick here.

Available at Gloss, Reject Shop and Fashion Addict

NYX in Snow White

I love love love this red! I think it is the perfect dark red.
I previously written a review here by the way! And NYX lippies in general, here.

I purchased mine from Cherry Culture.

Out of the three lippies, I like BYS' Crimson Joy and NYX's Snow White the best!
I would definitely repurchase both of them!


  1. Gorgeous reds and so affordable too! Great purchases. xx

  2. I really dislike BYS packaging!!!  They're so flimsy! I would love it if they had better packaging - which would awesome overall! But i love their product - it's pretty good for value but yeah, packaging is a boo. :( 

  3. I like the NYX one the most!

  4. My fav is definitely the last one! The colour looks great on you and it's perfect for any occasion

  5. The last one is the prettiest!! ♥

  6. It's crazy to think about how many different reds there are! You certainly look fabulous with a red lip though! 

  7. Wow beautiful reds! They are all SO pigmented! It's funny because every time I see posts like these comparing different shades of the same colour, I think to myself - what if a guy was reading this? He would probably barely be able to tell the difference :P

  8. Yeah! It's amazing how even lower priced brands can have such good quality!

    Hahah omg true. That's probably just like me with cars... They all look the same!

  9. They look so different when they're swatched! Aw thank you gorgeous x

  10. Yes they are and super affordable!!

  11. Yeah it's a shame about the packaging since it keeps chipping off the tip of my lipsticks.. All the time!

  12. I love how dark it is but it's still very wearable!


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