Thursday, August 2, 2012

Colour Me In: Glammin' Up OPI's Big Apple Red

Hi guys!
No reason for my absence. Absolutely none.
I have been blogging weekly on wonderarsy though! 
I've started my first week of Uni at UWS! Finally, right?

I left my camera battery charger and battery in Melbourne so Trammie being the sweetie she is, is letting me borrow her spare camera while I wait for my goods to arrive in the mail!

I'm pretty sure you all know my homies Amanda, Tram and Tezza! Tram being the ingenious bean she is suggested that we come together and make beauty posts according to colours! Every Thursday arvo we will bringing to you a new shade and each of us will be creating our posts according to what we have in our beauty stash. This week, is red!

'Red' -the first thing I thought about were my red lipsticks! But I had already written a post about those...  
So I thought I would blog about my all time favourite red nail polish, OPI's Big Apple Red!

I would have taken pictures of the process but not being able to use my camera really put me off... 
Bling bling! Lil beads forming a half moon

Got ma goods together!
OPI Big Apple Red
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails
Beads, beads, beads galore!

Suh preetty! You can buy these babies from eBay! I believe they're called 'microbeads'

Bare nails
(Featuring Milz' legs)

Pick em' up!

Line em up and coat with clear nail polish

This is my favourite mani to do and they match so many combos!
Voila! Super simple and only took a few minutes!

Check out Tram's ravishing red lippies, Tez' ombre red swatchicles and Amanda's gorgeous collection's for more red goodness!

Au reviour my pretties.


  1. So cute! Subtle but pretty accent nail! Yay can't wait for the rest of the colours!

  2. Oh I will always love red nails. I love the little detail with those beads!

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