Thursday, September 27, 2012

Colour Me In: Purple! - Rimmel Lasting Finish in #04

This Colour Me In series is a collection of posts where your beloved bloggers, Tram, Amanda, Tezza and myself will be posting about the selected shade from whatever we're able to gather from our beauty stash!

Purple is easily one of my favourite shades to use when applying eyeshadow (ye kno whad I mean)... But I decided to kill my streak in eyeshadow posts for this series and do a purple lipstick!

The other day, I dropped by BigW and purchased a few goods.
Those goods included this purple lippy by Rimmel's Kate Moss lippy range.
I was super excited (I couldn't wait until IMATS this weekend to get my ideal purple lippy....), so I impulse bought Rimmel's one...

I actually absolutely love the look of black lips. But it's way too dark to wear.... So a purple lippy or dark red will have to do!

 Fraid' it's not so great.... Lasting? Don't get ahead of yourself.

I couldn't wait to lather it into my lips, I opened it up waiting in line at the post office, taking pics along the way of course!
 I love their packaging!

And the signature crown on the top of course.

Smells good! I used my reverse phone camera to apply it... But stupid Alice already had pink lipstick on.... that feathered out.... so I had a kinda pink outlined purple lips walking back home... Oh well!

Home sweet home, I cleaned up my lips and reapplied the lipstick 
It's creamy, but doesn't last too long... 

I still love it though! (Until I find another purple lippy) ...but you can see that it starts to fade after an hour.... And completely vanishes after you eat..

An hour later and it's bit more faded, see how it's more pinkish?
This will definitely not last after a meal... (And it didn't.)

Why I love it:
-Pleasant scent
-Gorgeous shade
-Super moisturising

- Starts fading in less than an hour
-You have to reapply many times

My verdict:
As much as I like this shade, the effort to constantly reapply and check up on it is not worth it! It is nothing like it's sister lippy, #20. I will stick with this until I find another lippy of this shade that does a better job.

Pricing and Available at:
 $11.50 @ BigW

The usual routine, hop over to Amanda's blog for (better) purple lippies, Tez with cutie patootie Benefit Hervana blushes and Tram getting fancy with a nail and makeup look!

I think you should all click the link below too.


  1. looks nice but the color is not wearable for everyday x_x maybe for special occasion only, lol
    nice review :)

  2. Omg alice! You're so brave to wear this lippy! It looks good on you though! ^_^

  3. OMG the color is so dark and really british LOL
    Love Rimmel lipsticks, cheap and cheerful :D

  4. I love this! So nice and dark! I wish I was daring enough to wear it on a regular basis! :D

  5. Thanks for the shade swatch it looks interesting. I thought the shades looks rather vampy which is cool. I love your eyeliner application!

  6. It looks so good on you! Me with purple lippie would look like a kid who just stole a grape popsicle

  7. Wahh you pull it off so well!
    I can't do dark lips at all without looking disgusting :(((

  8. Ooo, I've never thought about purple lipstick before. It's such a unique color!

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