Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NOTD: A mix of OPI shades


I tried to be a bit artsy the other night and experiment with nail art.... Pastel colours!
I don't have a very good eye for what colours go together so it didn't turn out so well...

 OPI in Don't Know... Beets Me!, Do You Lilac It?, Gargantuan Green Grape and Alphine Snow

 After many many many layers of nail polish, I succeeded!
But with so many layers came so much time to dry... And little impatient me couldn't wait any longer!
So I took a few nails that were way too thick and just stuck with a solid colour.

 I used Pamplona Purple instead of Do You Lilac It? Because it just didn't match!

Yay! And I was much too lazy to do my right hand and just stuck with one shade of Pamplona Purple on all my nails :')

I hope you've all had a wonderful week!

xo, arsyparsy


  1. The colours do go nicely together! And the idea is totally cute. I have no patience for drying time either...hmmm actually might try this today while "studying" haha

  2. i neeeed a hot pink polish like that! can u believe i dont even have that colour haha

  3. All those OPI polishes are gorgeous!

  4. Cindy- Haha aw I think the first set of nails I painted didn't look so good!
    I didn't know how to match it hahaah
    Sometimes I hate trying to be creative because that means a lot of layers of polish!

    Tezza- Hahaha aw I love your nail polish shades! (from what I've seen)
    I want more pastel colours.
    I only have bold or metallic colours that don't look so good!!

    Tash- The pink is my fav! But I think I wear pink too often!

  5. The pink & white look really good together! I think I'll steal that idea & do a fun French mani with it :)

  6. Rin- I was surprised myself!
    It made my fingers look weird though since it was slanted hehe go right ahead!!! :)

  7. Don't Know... Beets Me! looks vividly eye catching! and its sooo fun to corporate different colors in manicare. I think I needa build a bigger nail polish collection *hehee*

  8. Liz- It has a really good formula too!
    Stayed on for ages! Nail polish is addictive isn't it! It's a shame they're so expensive!

    Xixi- Thank you ♥!


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