Thursday, August 30, 2012

Colour Me In: Yellow - Steps into Creating Sunset Gradient Nails

Happy Thursday my loves!

I woke up looking like this but was all like whatevs and went out anyway.
Thursday again and the colour we're bringing to you is yellow!
I was absolutely lost in deciding what beauty product to do.... The only thing I had was eyeshadow or nails. My big sister was 100% correct when she said that yellow does not go with our Asian complexion... Oh well.

Each week, Tez, Manda, Trammie and myself will be bringing you a new shade and a post with products from our collection featuring that shade! 

 Yelloooow! *excuse to post a picture of me in a yellow cardigan.
Sporting Rimmel's #20 by the way, don't you love it? I do!

 So the nail polishes I'll be using to create this shmancy look are Ulta3's Watermelon and Honolulu

 Starting off with bare nails of course! (I did a horrible job at washing it off from my previous mani)


 Two layers will do.

 Get a sponge, any sponge will do. I've even tried a sponge from snipping it from one of my dish washing sponges (there was a square of the corner missing. No questions were asked.) 
The sponge I'm using is a foundation sponge.

 Sponge 2/3rds of the way down

 Load it up again and sponge a bit less. With each layer, you will splotch on less and less going downwards.

 Third layer! See how it's blending in!

 Fourth layer!
 I was pretty satisfied with it so I swiped yellow nail polish across the tip to make a solid colour at the tips!

 And my secret weapon to make everything look that teensy bit nicer, one layer of NYX in French

 Taaa daaa!!!

For my right hand, I decided to do the opposite to see if it'd look better... (it didn't)
 Yellow yellowoowowowow

 Splotch splotch

Ta da!

And that's the end to my tutorial on creating sunset gradient nails. And of course you can use any colour combination!

This combination isn't too shnazzy... I really don't like it. But the right one, vodka sunrise anyone?

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. I think both ways it looks good! When you showed that picture of both hands' nails, I was staring at it for a second and was like, ... I see no difference .. OH WAIT! One reminds me of a sunset and the other reminds me of pink lemonade! Which is kind of a good combination if you ask me ;)

  2. wow insane effects :O might try this one day :D thanks for sharing!

  3. very pretty! love the two colors

  4. You know what, I like both combos! Heheheh mmm vodka sunrise yes please!

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