Monday, July 1, 2013

E.L.F Haul! + A bit of an update...

Hi cuties! So you know what being in Canada means.... 
Finally being able to order and try out all of the products from the U.S. I've ever dreamed of! 

One morning, getting ready for my morning class, I was sitting at my table applying my everyday eyeliner and had an epiphany! Applying my eyeliner, I dipped my applicator into what was left of the product and sighed... Well, I can't restock on anymore of my holy grail liquid liner here... And it must be forever until I'll be able to visit Australia. What am I mean't to do now??? Then all of the raved eyeliner products I've ever heard of were scrolling through my head... And I realised... I don't have to keep dreaming about owning the products anymore! Since I'm in Canada - I can buy them all! 

So visiting google, typed 'elf' and hitting enter on my keyboard, it brought me to the magical site of elf, which for lucky me, was having free shipping at the time (I wouldn't have purchased w/o free shipping otherwise....ha). Quickly filling up my shopping card, then reducing it to 7 items, my total came to $19. Are you serious elf? This is awesome!
...But you better be damn good.

I received the package in about two weeks - All of the goodies came in a drawstring plastic elf bag with the receipt. At this time, I was studying for my Macroeconomics midterm (I'm not proud to say that it's the first time I've ever studied properly...) so you can see my Study Buddy pills sitting at the upper corner in the picture above "It's practically cheating!".

From left to right:
Eyelash Curler ($1.00)
Small Stipple Brush ($3.00)
Cream Eyeliner - Black x2 ($3.00)
HD Blush - Showstopper & Superstar ($3.00)
Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder - St. Lucia ($3.00)
All of the products were $3.00 and under! 

I'll definitely be giving individual reviews for the Cream Eyeliner, HD Blush and Eyelash Curler!

 1. Cream Eyeliner - Black ($3.00)
I ordered two of these babies! I wear eyeliner on a daily basis so I felt like this is something I definitely needed to stock up on - and I was right! Amazing staying power and pigmentation!

2. Eyelash Curler ($1.00)
I bought this as a shopping cart filler since it was only one dollar (and because the rating was four and a half stars....). But I didn't expect much, I could have been the 5% that thought this product was terrible - but no sirree, I'm so glad I didn't! No pinches and an innovative spring for lash-curling ease!

3. HD Blush - Showstopper & Superstar ($3.00)
I've only swatched these but I can already say the pigmentation is amazing (and difficult to simply rub off...). Super excited to get around to using them properly!

4. Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder - St. Lucia ($3.00)
Looks familiar hey, I'm pretty certain that this blush/bronzer duo was inspired by NARS' Orgasm/Laguna duo... Just a slight feeling. I've only tried this out three times so far and it works great, already a long time Laguna user, I can certainly opt for this cheaper alternative once I hit pan!

And that's it - I can't wait to have time to blog some more!

An update:
I've moved to Canada! I'm still feeling like I'm trying to settle in after two months of being here.
Blogging wise, I've been everywhere, literally - after a long hiatus, hopping from Wonderarsy to Alice&Milz...
But I'm pretty sure the latter will stay.

So, I'll also be blogging on:
Lifestyle blog - Alice&Milz
Food blog - Meet&Eats

Hopefully you can join me on my journey over there - thanks for viewing ☺!


  1. Wow you're in Canada now!
    The ELF products look great but the small stipple brush looks like it's slanted? o.O

    Oh god macroeconomics... I'm currently taking Year 12 economics and I really have come to dislike it haha >.<

    1. I didn't even realise that until now! I don't even know what to use it for yet haha.
      Economics is a deadly subject overall...! Good luck in it love!

  2. How exciting!!! So jealous of the cheap makeup haha.

    1. I really want to visit the US just to buy the makeup - in canada it's a few dollars more - BUT STILL!

  3. The HD blushes look *super* pretty! And everything is so amazingly affordable! Looking forward to hearing more about these goodies :)

    1. Their so damn pigmented it's scary - one wrong move and you'll have to remove the whole section of your face haha. And I'm excited to write about them! Thanks for dropping by :D

  4. I'm so jealous you get to move to Canada! ELF here is so expensive, three times the price! That ELF eyeliner dries up after about three months.

    btw, I just followed you in GFC, care to follow back?

    A Hint of Sunlight

    1. Thank god I bought a back up then! But that kinda sucks with the whole three months thing... Three months isn't that long!

      Done dids my love :)

  5. Ooo, I always hear great things about ELF. I got their 100 eyeshadow palette a while ago, and I'm still using it, haha. Best of luck with your move to Canada. How exciting!

    1. Oh really! It's been going on sale for the past few weeks - intriguing but I'm waiting until I want more things! Thank you doll :D

  6. waaa wish I get to visit Canada someday! :c

  7. Is the bronzer in the duo really shimmery? I was looking to get a cheaper blusher and bronzer duo, but I'm trying to avoid a lot of shimmery ones.

    Joyce || Blooming Bolt


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