Thursday, August 16, 2012

Colour Me In: Orange - Sportsgirl's Fruit Tingle

A few days to prepare for this post and I told myself that I'll just wear the lipstick and leave the house
I winded up waking up preeetty late for uni, still found the 30 seconds before running out the door to take two pictures of myself *phew*

These past few weeks have been absolutely cramming everything and kicking back some days... then cramming again when I realise how much work I have left to do!

Okay, enough about me...

In this series of Colour Me In, weekly Tram, Amanda, Tez and I will be posting about the shade orange from our beauty stash!

Last week there was, Amanda's gorgeous collection of pink lippies and a few ombre combos with them, Trammie's four affordable pink blushers and Tez' review on her pink Real Technique brushes!

So this week on our series of Color Me In posts, I present to you, the shade Orange!
Ohhh orange. I absolutely fell in love with the shade when I was gifted with a BarryM lipstick many months ago... But a shade I found myself wearing for weeks was Sportsgirl's Fruit Tingle! It's a more subtle version of BarryM!

Sigh Alice, another Sportsgirl lippy, again??? Depending on the formula, I think they're pretty dang amazing.

Taking pictures on the train - the usssg'
No picture of the lipstick cause..... well, that's a sob story for another day.

The shade: An orange and very subtle pinkish shade with a matte finish, way more wearable than you'd think!

Why I love it:
- My ideal shade of orange lippies!
- Super wearable

- Absolutely emphasises your dry lips!

My verdict:
It lasts I'd say about 4-5 hours. But after 3 hours, with dry lips like mine, you'll be able to see the peeled skin and evverrrything! It's terrible :(. Just be sure to condition your lips before you wear it the next day/morning...!

Pricing and Available at:
 $9.95 @ Sportsgirl

Last pic then I ran out the door for my train!

For more orangey lipstick goodness, check out Trammie's post! Tez posted about a set of nail art around the shade orange, and Amanda mixed the two with her lipstick and nail art post! 

Au reviour!

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  1. Love the colour! I'm absolutely loving orange lips at the moment! :)

    But what happened! I wanna hear the sob story :( lol


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